Bears @ Packers 11-29-2020

Let’s first begin by saying if you are a Bears fan this is where you wanna be, if you are not Bears fan this is where you wanna be. With that being said let us dive into what is the first playoff game for Bear’s fans. Ok, Ok, we get it, the playoffs haven’t started but for many Bear’s fans this is the defining moment for the Chicago Bears.




The Chicago Bears are traveling to Lambeau field tonight with hopes on gaining ground on the Cheese heads of Green Bay Wisconsin.

You would have to be blind to think that the Chicago offense could hang with the Green Bay offense, after all the Packers are equipped with a quarterback named Aaron Rodgers. Meanwhile, as of this write up the Bears will be starting Mitch Trubisky, who by the way was 3-0 as the Bears starter. Now before everyone starts to say how much better Nick Foles is compared to Trubisky, let us first say that we were in agreement with the change at quarterback. However, being a Monday morning quarterback it appears that the Bears may have pulled the trigger too soon. We get it, Nick Foles won a Superbowl, but the Bears have gone 3-5 with Nick Foles. How do you quantify this, does a winning record trump individual stats? Football is a team sport, the only thing that really matters is the win right? If that is the case, then why did we all feel that Foles was the guy, was it the upside that we saw, was it the fact that he has won a Superbowl, or was it that we just felt that Trubisky was not putting up enough points with the offense? After watching everyone of the Bears games it appears that maybe it is not the quarterback but possibly the play calling. Believe us, we absolutely like Nagy, even Nagy thought that a change was necessary when he gave offensive play calling to Bill Lazor. We will digress for a moment as we have just seen that the Detroit Lions have fired their HC Matt Patricia, Matt Patricia was supposed to be a Defensive guru when it came to play calling, will this effectively be the same case with Matt Nagy as he was acquired by the Bears because he was an Offensive Guru? Only time will tell. In any case tonight’s game will give us all insight as to where the Bears stand as a team, after all, they had an extra week to prepare for this game.


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