Sports Are Back!

But are they really?

Empty Stadium
Photo by Ameer Basheer

OK, so we have been gone for awhile but now it is time to get back to work.  It looks like sports are back as baseball has been playing since July 23rd.  Although they have started it hasn’t been a cake walk, this season seems to be the season of survival of the fittest (literally speaking).  Games have been postponed due to COVID outbreaks and that continues as recently as August 15th when it was announced the Cincinnati Reds & Pittsburgh Pirates Saturday and Sunday contests were suspended as an unidentified player tested positive for COVID-19.

Moving on to the NBA.
The NBA seems to have done some things right as the bubble down in Orlando seems to be the answer to keeping teams in tact  and the competition going.  Yesterday the NBA began it’s first round of playoffs.

Jazz 125 Nuggets 135
Nets 110 Raptors 134
76ers 101 Celtics 109
Mavericks 110 :Clippers 118

I don’t know how you may feel but I will take the empty stands over nothing at all.  College football is currently on the brink as two of the top 5 conferences have backed out of having a season.  BIG10 and PAC12 have cancelled their seasons and other conferences are following,  I know it sounds selfish but I sure would like to have College Football this fall.

What are your thought??