The Saints Came Marching In!

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I don’t know if I have ever seen a Tom Brady led team get handled the way the New Orleans Saints handled the Bucs on Sunday Night  .  In fact, I thought the Tampa Bay defense was going to handle the Saints in such a way.  After the Sunday night game, the Saints defense showed that they definitely have the talent to carry the Saints deep into the playoffs. The Saints have allowed only 2,493 yards this season, third best in the league behind the Colts & Rams.

Prior to the game I think all football fans were anticipating a showing of two great quarterbacks trying to outduel each other for most career TDs.  Also, Antonio Brown was set to play for the Bucs, this could have possibly turned into a passing bonanza.  That did not happen, although we did get to see Drew Brees increase his lead as he owns the career passing TD record for now (Brees 564, Brady 561). I have to admit, during the 3rd quarter I may have dozed off, I believe the score was 31-0.

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Drew Brees was almost perfection, Tom Brady didn’t look good at all, almost made me think time was catching up with Mr. Brady, that thought quickly dissipated though, after all, it’s Tom Brady right!  (His previous career-worst loss came in a 31-0 loss against the Bills in 2003.)

Brees went 26-of-32 for 222 yards and four touchdown passes
Brady threw three interceptions and posted the third-worst QB rating of his career (40.4)
Antonio Brown caught three passes for 31 yards in his Tampa Bay debut

Next Week: Tampa Visits Carolina | Saints at home against the 49ers



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