Vikings @ 49ers 01-11-2020

Vikings @ 49ers 01-11-2020

The first game of the NFL divisional games started with the Minnesota Vikings visiting the San Francisco 49ers.  The 49ers won the coins toss and deferred the ball.  The Vikings were unable to move the ball on their first possession going 3 and out.  The 49ers took advantage on their first possession taking only 8 plays to put the first points on the board.  Vikings 0 49ers 7

The Vikings not to be out done put a drive together a 7 play drive after a 41 yard TD pass to Stefon Diggs (You Like That).  Vikings 7 49ers 7

With 7:10 left in the second quarter the 49ers struck paydirt with a Tevin Coleman walk in TD.  Vikings 7 49ers 14

The first turnover of the game happened with 2:41 left in the second quarter as Eric Kendricks picked off Garoppolo to give the Vikings great position.  The 49ers defense earned their stripes as they were able to hold off the Vikings offense and limited them to 3 points.  Vikings 10 49ers 14

The 49ers started the 3rd quarter with the ball but could not punch in a TD and had to settle for a Robbie Gould 36 yard FG.  Vikings 10 49ers 17

With 9:49 left in the 3rd Quarter Kirk Cousins threw his first interception of the game to you know who (Richard Sherman).  The Niner’s were able to increase their lead with a Tevin Coleman TD run.  Vikings 10 49ers 24

With one minute left in the third quarter the Vikings muffed a kick and the 49ers recovered, this put the 49ers in great position to put more points on the board.  They did exactly that in the fourth quarter as Robbie Gould connected on another FG that gave the 49ers a three score lead.  Vikings 10 49ers 27.

There would be no more scoring as the 49ers advance to their first Conference Championship game since 2013, which I believe was the year Kaepernick led them to the Super Bowl.




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