When it comes to men’s style the question that I have always had is “what is age appropriate wear”, what I mean by that is when is it time to trade in the Jordan’s, KD’s or what ever brand of Nike or Adidas that your wear?  I am not questioning this based on what I have seen others wear, it’s just that I don’t want to dress older than I am but by the same token I don’t want to dress as if I were 17.  So, when is it time to get rid of the basketball shoes, my answer is NEVER.  I guess it all depends on the situation.  Of course if you are man caving and doing the tailgating thing I believe it is definitely appropriate to pull out the sneakers, jersey and fitted hat to take in the game.  Now, what if you are not tailgating but visiting friends that could possibly lead to a night out.  How do you handle this situation and are you dressed age appropriate.  This has kind of been the issue for me, so what is appropriate for your age group as casual wear?  Lets try and figure this out.

THE 20’S – I think this is the age when a man can take some risk, baggy pants, skinny jeans (not a fan of the skinny jean look, just me), and of course the distressed jean look.  Nice shirt with a nice pair of clean sneakers/ works well,  a belt that is the same color as your shoes is a good idea too.  Speaking of belts, I know the sagging look is in but please, please use the belt for what it was made for.  Sagging pants in my opinion sends a message of (I don’t care how I look).  Again, not judging I just don’t understand it.  If anyone can explain the reasoning behind it please let me know.

The 30’s – I really believe that this is the time that the sagging and skinny jean wearing fashion starts to faze out.  Not saying that it should not be done but if you want someone to take you serious it’s probably not a good idea to show up at a restaurant sagging.  I guess you can tell by now I have an issue with that, with that being said wearing your pajama bottoms outside has me a little perturbed as well.  Moving on, I think this is the time when you start to identify who you are and create your own sense of style.  I don’t believe in following trends but what makes you feel good, .  I’d like to think that I have a nice eye for what looks good and what doesn’t.  I think this is the time when the dress shoes and a couple stylish watches come into play.  It seems to me that a nice time piece as well as a nice pair of shined shoes can go a long way in boosting the confidence.  I understand that at this point your are not an older gentlemen but still can bolster a younger style.  Now if you are very fit individual, form fitting clothing can be appealing, however if there are some areas you’d like to hide (stomach) you may want to consider loose fitting clothing.  Again, just my opinion.  I also think the investment in a couple suit jackets is good, sometimes you can through a suit jacket on and it can change your whole look.  If you work in a professional environment then this should not be a problem.  However, if you are in a uniform all day and/or work in a casual environment, a suit jacket could be the furthest thing from your mind, but there are some very nice suit jackets that can be gotten for as little as $99 off the rack.

The 40’s – At this point you should be perfecting your style, although some questions may arise, you should probably be aware of what colors look good on you.  Which colors make you look a little trimmer.  At this time you should have your go to look ready, a more mature, complete look.  When I say complete I mean hair styled in the way that fits you best (maybe the bald look), trimmed beard and mustache, this is probably when the baby face has left and you are finally able to grow a full beard.  Some men will take it a step further with manicured nails and the pedicure.  Hmm, I have to admit I have done the manicure but the pedicure just seems weird to me.  I am little funny about my feet.  I do think this is probably the time to try to work it out more, believe me, the metabolism has slowed significantly and it is unbelievable how the weight can sneak up on you.  (Note to self, I need to do thirty minutes of cardio after this).

With all that being said, it really is about knowing who you are and what makes you feel good.  One secret to this is the reaction you get from others.  Don’t worry about following trends, after it’s all said and done you are the one that has to wear it, so wear it well!!!!