Titans @ Chiefs 01/19/2020

TITANS @ CHIEFS (AFC Championship)

The Chiefs won the toss and deferred to the Titans.  The Titans looked to start fast as they marched down the field getting inside the Chief 20.  The Chief defense bent but did not break as they were able to hold the Titans to a 30 yard fg.  The Titans went 58 yards in 8 plays.  Titans 3 Chiefs 0

The Chiefs were unable to respond with their first possession.  It appeared they may have intercepted a Tannehill pass but after review the Titans were correctly given the ball.  After a couple of encroachment calls on the Chiefs the Titans continued to feed Henry the ball, the Chiefs stacked the line and were able to put the Titans in a 4th and 2.  It appeared that the Chiefs were going to fill the box to stop Henry.  The Titans actually went for it on 4th and 2 and completed the short pass.  They kept the drive alive at the Chiefs 26 completing a pass to Smith to the Chief 3.  Henry ran in untouched on a direct snap for 4 yards.  The drive went for 9 plays 58 yards in 4:07.  Titans 10 Chiefs 0

KC looking to put points on the board had to go for a 4th and short of their own, they were able to keep their drive alive to the Titans 24  after converting.  T Hill the fastest man on the field scored with a jet sweep 8 yard TD. 10 plays 74 yards in 5:06.  Titans 10 Chiefs 7

End of 1 st Quarter Titans 10 Chiefs 7

The start of the second quarter got underway with a heavy dose of Henry running for the Titans and a lot of play action plays.  The Titans took off more than 8 minutes of clock time on that drive ending it with a 1 yard pass to #71 Dennis Kelly. 15 play drive 75 yards in 9:07.  Titans 17 Chiefs 7

The Chiefs responded quickly when Patrick Mahones threw a bullet pass to Hill (his second of the day).  The drive was only 5 plays covered over 63 yards in 2:36.  Titans 17 Chiefs 14

At the 2:00 minute warning the Titans punted the ball away giving Mahones a chance to put more points on the board.  Mahones ended the half with a spectacular run for ____yards.  The scoring drive was 9 plays, 86 yards in 1:40.

End of 1st Half Titans 17 Chiefs 21

The Chiefs received the ball to start the 2nd half.  Starting their first possession of the half from their own 10.  After a incomplete pass was called on third down, Andy Reed threw the challenge flag looking to reverse the call for a completed pass that would have given the Chiefs a first down.  The call was overturned and the Chiefs were able to continue their drive.  The drive ended after Hill dropped a deep pass that could have extended the drive.

During the Titans next drive Tannehill ran on a scramble and took a brutal hit.  They should have checked him out as he looked lost coming off the field.  The Titans had to punt after he came up short.

End of 3rd Quarter Titans 17 Chiefs 21

The Chiefs started the 4th quarter at the 3 yard line of the Titans and D. Williams was able to punch it in.  The drive went 13 plays, 73 yards in 7:08.  Titans 17 Chiefs 28

The Chiefs put more points on the board after a 60 yard pass to S. Watkins for a TD.  7 plays 88 yards in 4:21  The Chiefs had then scored 28 points unanswered following a week in which they scored 21 unanswered points.  Titans 17 Chiefs 35

The Titans kept their hopes alive as they went for a fake punt and got the first down with less than 6 minutes left in the game.  Tannehill threw a 22 TD yard pass to Firkser.  The drive went 8 plays for 80 yards in 3:15.  Titans 24 Chiefs 35.

With 2:08 left to play the Titans -I guess were hoping something magical would happen-.  The Titans had a great playoff run defeating two of the best teams in the AFC, the defending champs the NE Patriots and the highly rated Baltimore Ravens.  The Chiefs would advance to their first Super Bowl in 50 years.

Final Titans 24 Chiefs 35